Three Minutes of Hope:
Hugo Gryn on the God Slot

A collection of Rabbi Gryn’s scripts for ‘God Slots’ on the BBC and Capital Radio, Three Minutes of Hope will delight admirers and bring inspiration to a new generation in what would have been his 80th year. With contributions from Rabbi Lionel Blue, Sir Martin Gilbert, Maureen Lipman, Oliver McTernan, Al Matthews, Rabbi Dame Julia Neuberger, Canon Roger Royle and Erich Segal.

‘Hugo’s reputation preceded him in my life, and it was a reputation not easy to match in the first meeting. But I saw instantly that it was all true: Hugo’s integrity and warmth made him an immediate friend, and a nudge to one’s moral sense; someone whom one would not want to disappoint in one’s own standards. And a wise man, too; someone to whom one would want to come for advice. Could so much have registered at a first encounter? – in Hugo’s case, yes. He is irreplaceable.’ TOM STOPPARD

Published by Continuum, available from all good book shops.

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